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Leading freelance websites for jobs, extra income, and work from home positions.

Below are some active freelance websites that will help you to land a job to start earning money within hours. These websites promote the modern day lifestyle of digital nomad, "working nomads," or remote workers. They also allow people to work from home. The freelance market is full of possibilities and freedom, where you choose your working destination, schedule and terms.

Freelancing can be done by anyone. There are positions for college educated or those without a college degree or that just have a GED. Workers that speak other languages, such as Spanish, can find job opportunities as well as immigrants and others. Freelance jobs can also be great for senior citizens looking to make a few extra dollars, parents (including single mothers) who want flexibility, and even those with a career now but who want say a flexible, part time position for some extra money. There are both hourly and salary positions available.

Top, legitimate freelance companies and online sites

Each website will list a variety of different jobs. Some focus on a certain skillset or background. While there are thousands of different categories of freelance jobs out there, some examples include plumbing, data entry, graphic design, online tutoring, writing/content creation, electricians, customer service, sales, errands, drivers, deliveries and many more.

Some companies that hire contractors offer benefits (or limited benefits) such as health insurance or a retirement plan to free lance workers, but usually a certain number of hours needs to be worked. Other websites may allow applicants to search for certain benefits, such as training classes, that are available to clients. More information on each site is below. - Upwork is ranked as the most popular freelancing site today with over 1.5 million clients and hundreds of new job posting each day in different categories. Job seekers of all ages, educational levels, and skill sets may be able to find employment. There are part as well as full time jobs, work from home positions, and much more. Clients are willing to pay top price for great results.

Upwork gives you the opportunity to run your own business or work from home. Upwork makes it very easy to get hired by highlighting projects that match with your skills, whether you are entry level or experienced. You can become a successful freelancer on Upwork by being responsive to client needs, communication, being honest and upfront about abilities and deadlines and being able to deliver great work, on time.




Upwork also recognizes every freelancers hard work and effort and will boost your profile for higher visibility with their rising talent program. Freelancers on Upwork can expect to be paid on time for each completed project. As a freelancer, you can set a fixed-price for projects or hourly. You can receive your funds through direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer or Skrill.

Upwork charges a freelancer service fee of 20% for the first $500 of earnings, then 10% after $500.01 and 5% lifetime billing fee for earnings over $10,000.

Flexjobs - This is for telecommuting positions. There are also classes and workshops that those are who interested in the site can take, and they include everything from interviewing tips to some basic IT classes. Flexjobs can have freelance positions in the medical field, IT, graphic design, youth and children jobs and dozens of other categories. This is a freelance marketplace with 3 million members, 1 million open jobs, and hundreds of millions paid out in wages over the years. is a unique marketplace that offers "pay by milestone." This makes sure that clients are happy with every step and ensures that your funds are secured before any work being done. It can help provide a constant “stream” of income on a daily or monthly basis. is known to be the world's largest crowdsourcing marketplace with over 30 million users and 15 million projects. There is a freelancer membership fee after one month trial. The basic membership fee is $4.95 per month, the professional freelancer membership is $29.95 per month, and the Premier membership is $69.95 per month. To start earning money on, you bid on suitable projects and contests.

Many freelancers may also start to earn an income from hobbies. This is a similar concept, but the dollar amounts will usually be much lower but of course the work may be enjoyable. The concept of hobbies/freelancing is fairly similar, in that there are websites to use, certain types of activities to cash in, and other tricks to this. A benefit of this is anyone can do it; teenagers, the elderly, stay at home moms, and anyone. Read more on earning some money from a hobby.

 - This is a global online marketplace for digital services. Become a freelancer on Fiverr by creating a seller profile and a gig, which is a service that you are selling. This freelance sites may be the most useful for those with various skills sets, and jobs are even available for people with only a high school degree or GED. It involves everything from small scale projects, such as running errands or creating book reviews for money to more advanced requests.

The other step would be to offer three different compelling packages; this will give buyers more choice and allow you to earn more money. Fiverr allows you to upsell your gigs with extras by sending custom offers to buyers. You can withdraw your earnings on Fiverr 14 days after an order is marked completed, and you can receive your funds through Direct Deposit, Bank transfer, Fiverr Revenue Card or Paypal. Learn more about the Fiverr online freelance platform. -  This is a job listing board of companies that are hiring remote workers, otherwise known as work from home positions. Some companies even cover affordable health insurance, workspace stipend, and paid vacation. There are over 80,000 remote jobs posted. -  A freelance platform for quality freelancers with previous experiences and a higher skillset. To work as a freelancer on Onsite, you must submit examples of your work. This company only accept hand-picked talent, and less than 5% of freelancers are accepted. However, once approved, you will be notified to complete projects for Google, BBC, and other world-class companies.

Craiglist can be used for freelance work too. This can be an effective local site. Those who are blue collar or skilled trade workers can find freelance jobs as well as anyone seeking to make a few extra dollars for their bills. One of the benefits to this site is listing your services will be free and companies/employers looking for a freelancer also do not need to pay any charges. A crowdsourcing marketplace own by Amazon. Mturk makes it easy for individuals and businesses to obtain goods and services by posting jobs to a distributed workforce. These tasks may include conducting surveys, research, writing book reviews, and other subjective tasks. Mturk helps businesses by breaking down large, time-consuming projects into smaller manageable tasks which are often completed by distributed workers.

Companies like Zillow and US Foods are always looking for workers to help complete microtasks like managing web and social media content, categorizing images and products or collecting data from menus, websites, blogging and other sources to understand market trends as well as customer needs.

Industry focused sites can help those people with specific skills or that want a certain type of freelance position. These can be good for someone with experience in the field or that maybe want to get some. As example, find freelance tutor positions. There are also websites that focus on freelance writing jobs.

Local, neighborhood type freelance websites are out there as well. These will be in person type jobs, such as a driver or contractor, but they also provide more opportunity for work. Find local freelance websites. -A job board website that connects professionals who want to work remotely with companies that offer independent positions. This is a great website for job seekers that are looking to travel and work and it has paid positions in all states and most countries. You can find newly updated job postings each day from a curated list of remote positions from around the world in areas such as design, marketing, sales and so forth.





The list of freelance websites above are some of the main ones out there. However we have a large number of other suggestions on the site for making some extra money for paying your bills, whether from work at home type jobs, hobbies, cash rebate sites and more. Find a list of ideas as well as programs of free money sources for paying bills.

As a freelancer, you can choose regular employment or temporary projects to work from anywhere in the world. This website only collaborates with well-known companies, and it cost employers to pay $149 per posting.

The freelance websites above will have positions of all income levels and skill sets. Part and full time jobs are available, and a freelance position offers both the opportunity for more money as well as flexibility.


By Jon McNamara

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