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Apps and websites for free or low cost medical as well as health care services.

The cost of medical care continues to increase at a rapid rate. Too many people struggle to pay for the services they need. Health and dental care focused apps as well as online doctors or nurse websites can help, and many are listed below. Technology can provide patients, including the low income, under or uninsured with access to free or affordable medical care services as well as online visits. The fact is that these apps and other technology tools can help families save money on everything health care related.

Many Americans don't have to access to basic healthcare. Or the cost to see a doctor is often prohibitive, even getting to the medical providers office can be a challenge or costly for many These apps and online doctor visits for free can address those issues, and they can in effect encourage people to get checked up.

Too many people skip doctor visits and refuse medical care. Even with insurance, low-income families and those living on minimum wage are faced with challenges when it comes to accessing affordable healthcare. Technology can help overcome those barriers.

Time and location is also an issue that these healthcare focused apps can help address. Many working adults and single parents work long hours, which leads to limited appointment availability since most primary care providers offer set office hours between 8:00am-6:00 pm. Another reason is geographical barriers. Over 60 million Americans live in a rural and suburban area, and there is a physician shortage to provide care.

In addition to that, those without a car, seniors and people living with disabilities who are physically unable to drive are faced with transportation barriers that prevent them from getting access to medical care. Medical focused technology may not only help them save money, but the websites as well as smartphone applications can make it easier for them to see a doctor and get the medical care they need.

Fortunately, we live in the digital era and technology has provided instant answers to everything, including access to healthcare. A quick medical checkup and doctor visit can be pricey, especially if you are living paycheck to paycheck. But there are options out there that address affordability, access, and time. Even find a list of telehealth providers for the uninsured.




Low-income patients (or really anyone) can make use of technology by virtual doctor visits, which introduces a fast and easy way to connect face to face with a physician, 24/7 without ever leaving your home. These apps do not replace traditional medical checkups, but they provide a faster and efficient way to speak to a doctor.

Apps for medical needs

You may ask how do these apps work? Each is different. But in general, they will do things such as allow you to easily snap a picture of that weird rash you found a few days ago and send to a doctor or nurse or even a dentist. Or get a cold medicine recommendation or maybe a quick diagnosis for further treatment and other nonemergency ailments. The doctor visit can be done virtually, online. These healthcare apps will help to reduce unnecessary office and emergency room visits, those saving you and your family money on medical bills.

HealthTap: An app that offers patients free access to accurate health information directly from doctors. HealthTap has provided literally billions of answers to a wide variety of health queries and medical conditions.

This app allows you to learn more about your symptom and it will directs patients to the next useful doctor to resolve their condition. The company has more than 100,000 physicians that bring million years of clinical expertise to the platform, so the amount of knowledge on the app is incredible. This app provides a 'more accurate' symptom checker, and it is simple to chat with U.S based physician.

The basic HealthTap membership is free to everyone. That program includes asking free questions to physicians, access to an intensive library of information on medical conditions and finding nearby doctors for your concerns. There is a $9.99 to receive instant answers and a prime membership subscription of $99 per month, with an additional $10 to add family members. For $99 per month, you will have immediate access to trusted doctors, discounts to specialists and prescription referrals.

Prescription medicine apps - There are several companies, including Blink Health and Needymeds that provide patients with free medications, discounts, or coupons. Generic as well as brand name medicines may be covered. Find websites that help with prescriptions.





DoctorOnDemand: An app that connects you with certified board physicians. It is available to patients with or without insurance. DoctorOnDemand provides urgent care advice, professional services and treatment recommendations to treat chronic illness. Patients can also learn about lab & screening to monitor issues, preventive medicine for those trying to quit smoking, weight loss, medical advice to help ease your mind. The app will also offer free information on body and women's and men's health to help with issues ranging from acne to UTI's.

The company also offers virtual or online mental health care, including therapy, depression & mood, trauma & loss, stress & anxiety and medication management from skilled psychiatrists. This app has a team of psychologists, primary care physicians, and psychiatrists to bring you the best possible treatment.

There is no monthly or yearly subscription fee to use this service and you only pay whenever you speak with a doctor. There is a $75 fee for 15 minutes consultation with a medical doctor, $79 for 25 minutes or $119 for 50 minutes session with a psychologist and $229 for a 45 minutes initial consultation with a psychiatrist and $99 for 15 minutes follow-up afterward. Cost varies for DoctorOnDemand if you are paying with health insurance, and your provider will be billed directly.

Pager: An on-demand app that connects patients to health professionals, including nurses and doctors. The app can be used to treat urgent care including Cold, Nausea, Respiratory Infection, Back Pain, Rashes and other related issues. As for now, this app is focused on selected areas of New York City and New Jersey

The pager team consists of certified board physicians, registered nurses, practitioners and physician assistants. Referrals to specialists will be given if additional treatment and care is required.

It is completely free to chat with nurse 24/7, a $25 teleconsultation fee with a doctor and $200 for house visits. Pager does accept some insurance. Any questions related to health and coverage can be answered for free by chatting with a nurse through the Pager App.

PlushCare: A telemedicine provider that allows you to speak to a healthcare professional by using your phone or computer. It operates as both an app and website.

PlushCare lets book same-day appointments with a local U.S doctor. You can get diagnosed, treatment and prescribed prescriptions from your devices. The app also provides information on how to get free or low cost prescription drugs as well as other medical care.





There is no wait time, and top-trained doctors are instantly available for your convenience. Plushcare follows HIPAA guidelines, with secure video visits, phone calls and emails. You can receive treatments for Cold & Flu, Sinus infections, allergies, Bronchitis, Aches & Pain, Diabetes, STD Check & Testing and PrEP pills for HIV prevention.

There is a $99 flat fee to use the services, and most health insurances are accepted including Medicaid and Medicare. Many patients pay $25 with insurance per visit. Active military and veterans are given a discounted fee of $49 per visit. PlushCare doctors can also provide medical excuse document for work/school for three absent days.

SimpleContacts: Can't afford to visit the eye doctor? Use SimpleContacts and take the app-based vision test designed by optometrists. This technology tool allows you to renew your contact lens prescription with no doctor office visits. You will be able to find the best, lowest price on contact lenses and fast FREE shipping within 24 hours. For those low income families that need even more help, there are referrals to free glass and contact lense programs.

This app-based vision test is FDA approved and only cost $20, which will help to save time and money on a typical office visit. You can also save more than $150 per year on contact lenses by using this app. SimpleContacts has partnered with a website that provides women with access to birth control that delivers at your door.

YourDoctors App: A messaging services created to help people save money on expensive doctor visits. Creating an account online or in the app takes minute(s), and you can chat with a doctor for free online (or using the app), 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

No health insurance is required to use this service and you will get answers from experienced doctors within 5 minutes. You can ask questions and get answers on headaches, sexual health, allergies, chronic pain, and other health-related questions. There are also free e-prescriptions provided online. YourDoctors is only great for questions and should not be used in emergency situations, which should be handled by calling 911. This app also allows you to talk to a doctor 24/7 for free.

TalkSpace: An app and website that makes therapy and counseling affordable for everyone. TalkSpace has thousands of licensed therapists that can help with depression, stress, anxiety and more.

This service is based on subscription plans. The cost will vary, and there is a $49 weekly for unlimited messaging, $59 weekly for unlimited text, video and audio messaging + one live session, and $79 per week for unlimited text, call, and video messaging+ 4 live sessions per month. Couples therapy is available for $79 weekly and $49/week for teens.







Online therapy service is effective as traditional office visits, with no judgments. The same privacy rules apply, and the therapist can prescribe medications if and/when needed virtually. The medications can even be sent to you through the mail. Sign up today and get matched with a therapist that will be available for you anytime.

Amwell: A telehealth service provider that connects you with certified-board physicians 24 hours a day by using your computer and smartphone. The company provides a convenient and affordable way to resolve medical conditions by connecting face-to-face with a physician.

Amwell offers online visits to address general health concerns, symptoms from a chronic condition and questions about other minor illness and injuries. In addition to that, psychologists and counselors are available for face-to-face video chat to address common behavioral challenges. Psychiatrists are available to diagnosed mental disorders and prescribe medications.

The medical app company also has nutrition counseling by registered dietitians/nutritionist to help with weight loss, meal prep, recommended foods for chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetics, and high blood pressure. Lactation consultants are also available for breastfeeding support. There is also information on how government programs, like food stamps and USDA services, can be used fir healthy eating.

The cost visit a primary care doctor is $69 per visit, $85 for 45 minutes therapy session, $199 for an initial consultation with a psychiatrist, $65 for a dietitian/nutritionist consultation and $129 for breastfeeding support. Amwell accepts insurance coverage from UnitedHealth, Cigna and other private insurance companies.

Lemonaid Health: A simple and affordable way to save time and money on getting prescriptions as well as lab tests. Lemonaid Health offers professional video visits with doctors to provide appropriate care and prescriptions to your selected pharmacy. This service does not accept health insurance and it only cost $25 to speak with a doctor.

Lemonaid Health provides STD testing for $53.16 ($25 in-app consultation and $28.16 lab fee), blood type testing for $36.11, birth control refills, prescriptions for erectile dysfunction, programs, and medication to quit smoking, cold sores medications and more. The online company only operates during business hours, 8:00am-5:00pm pacific time and 11am-8pm eastern time.

MDLive: A healthcare system that allows you to visit a doctor, therapist or dermatologist 24 hours a day online at your convenience. It can be free in some cases (during a trial period) or the cost is more affordable. Talk to a medical professional by using your smartphone or computer. MDLive provides affordable, quality care without traveling to a doctor office.

All of the doctors on this website and app are board-certified with an average of 15 years experience to provide professional remote healthcare to treat non-emergency conditions. The cost of urgent care, which includes medical conditions like diarrhea, vomiting, allergies etc. is $75 per visit. A $99 fee for counseling services (grief & loss, addiction, depression, stress, trauma) $259 for psychiatry visits and $69 for dermatology services (acne, warts, cold sores etc.).

MDLive accepts insurance plans, as well as credit card payments for paying the medical bills. Prescribe medications are also available and will electronically be sent to one of over 65,000 pharmacy location of your choice to pick up.





Paying for a doctor visit can be very pricey for most people, whether they are insured or not. Or even getting a small health care question answered by a medical provider can be inconvenient and costly. The technology tools above, both the apps and websites, can help you save money and get the advice you need.


By Jon McNamara

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