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Free health insurance.

Find free health insurance, which may be available to low-income families, the elderly, disabled or uninsured. There is assistance from government programs such as Medicaid as well as CHIP. There are also other options to get free health or dental insurance, which may in effect be covered by the same policy. Some of the programs that provide for free health or dental insurance near you include healthcare from a clinic, patient assistance programs from pharmaceutical companies, charitable care, state benefits, and more.

Most of the assistance is for (1) low income families or those living in poverty (2) children including teenagers from low to moderate income families or (3) households that lack a certain type of coverage on their current health insurance plan. More details on the types of free health insurance are below.

Types of government free health insurance plans

As noted, this is really focused on struggling families who have few funds, savings, or assets available to them. Generally there are strict income guidelines in place. Or there is a requirement for the household to have kids, such as with CHIP. Or a drug company may give free prescription drug coverage to a health insurance plan if the policy currently lacks coverage. So there tend to be conditions similar to those.

Medicaid is the primary federal government free (or low cost) health insurance plan. This is assistance for very low income families, pregnant woman, the disabled, and others. Both the federal and state governments both pay for this free health insurance plan. It is strictly for very low income families with limited savings, assets, and other resources.

Medicaid is a type of free health insurance. But depending on many factors, the patient may need to pay some money towards their medical, dental or hospital bills. It is also a federal and state government insurance policy – therefore formal applications are needed, usually with a county or state office.

CHIP, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program, is another federal government free health insurance plan. Note the income guidelines for this are not as strict, and more moderate income families may qualify. However all applicants need to either have children and/or be pregnant, so expectant woman may qualify for CHIP. Find much more information on the specific types and costs of CHIP health insurance.




Medical and dental care provided by government insurance

The states will rely determine the type of medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage available from Medicaid and CHIP. The federal government sets some parameters for this type of free health insurance, but states have flexibility in what they may or may not offer. The income thresholds and services vary.

The care can be extensive (lab work, cancer screenings, surgeries, vision testing, free eye exams, etc.) or more basic, such as physicals, immunizations, or diabetes assistance. Medicaid can also pay for assisted living or nursing homes, but it requires financial planning. Some states may provide free or low cost dental care with their free health insurance policies. Each state sets their own terms and conditions to what free health insurance from Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program pays for. Find details on free Medicaid planning services for nursing care.

To apply for free government health insurance, contact a state agency. Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, and other services may be offered. It will be part of their public assistance programs.

Free health insurance plans from charities or non-profits

Free community clinics are available for free health care or insurance too. They offer a number of services. There are also options such as pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs for free prescription drugs. A number of other charities also offer support to the low income, people that lack certain coverage in their health insurance plans and policies. They can help with cancer screenings, organization or provide free health insurance coverage to sick kids, and charities tend to focus on specific health issues.

The charities that offer medical care will also tend to have income levels in place, but they try not to turn anyone away from coverage. They will therefore help immigrants, children, senior citizens, adults, the disabled and many others. Once again, it is not exactly free health insurance, but the medical as well as dental coverage they provide can be an effective substitute.







There are bound to be one or more free community clinics near you that can offer support. All sorts of medical care, tests, lab work, and more may be offered. In addition, as noted free health insurance for prescription medications may be offered by patient assistance programs from drug companies.

Free government health insurance plans by state

Select your state below. Free health insurance is not easily available. As noted, it includes some government assistance programs/benefits including CHIP as well as Medicaid. There are also some charities that can provide free medical or dental care, and while not exactly the same as insurance, it can address that need. Or even more affordable medical insurance is available too.

Even if not qualified, or can find free health insurance, there are even more alternatives out there. Everything from Christian Sharing plans to state resources and more. Find a list of health insurance alternatives.  The bottom line is that low income families and those struggling to pay their medical or dental bills can get assistance in the form of charitable support free health or dental insurance.































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By Jon McNamara

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