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Get financial help while on FMLA – Family Leave.

There are financial assistance programs that can help people on FMLA pay their bills, housing costs, rent, medical expenses and other costs. The fact is when on leave (which can last several weeks if not longer) the reduction in income can be very challenging. Find how to get financial help when on Family Leave below.

Whether the FMLA is from a pregnancy, short term disability, parental leave, an injury, or some other reason, the loss of income can present many families with a financial challenge. Find a list of emergency assistance programs listed below that may be able to help over the short term.

It can be a little easier to get financial aid while on FMLA. The reason being is that the leave will be short term in nature. Organizations, including charities, non-profits, community action agencies and other groups are more likely to offer help if the applicant. In addition, it may be possible to borrow money at a low interest rate for paying bills. This can be an effective option provided the client is 100% guaranteed to go back to work so they can pay the loan off. Below are details on how to get assistance with everything from rent to mortgage payments, utilities, and other bills while on FMLA.

Charities and non-profit programs

Since FMLA is intended as a short term issue (up to 12 weeks) a charity may be more likely to offer support while on leave. As many charities as well as non-profits can help fill the gap due to a short term reduction in income. This is most applicable when a new childbirth has occurred, or maybe the applicant was hurt at work so they need to go onto leave.

However if the issue may term into something that is longer term (such as a full fledge disability case), than it is less likely to get help. In those cases either the federal government grant programs SSI or SSDI may be the best option.

There are hundreds of local as well as national charities to apply at. They range from the Salvation Army to St. Vincent de Paul, the United Way, local churches, and many others. Some of the resources that might be must effective while on FMLA include.




  • Housing assistance – This is an option for both tenants as well as homeowners. There are funds that help pay rent as well as resources for homeowners on FMLA, including financial assistance to pay mortgages.
  • Utility programs – Most states have laws that stop disconnections for people on FMLA, at least for a period of time. In addition, there are a number of other short term resources, including crisis LIHEAP grants.
  • FMLA disability programs – While Family Leave is not technically disability, there are some government as well as non-profit programs that may still provide support. Both short and long term aid is offered, and find a list of assistance programs while waiting on disability.
  • Medical care, including debts – The bills for any type of health care can add up quickly. There are a number of resources out there for families (both low and moderate income), including medical debt settlement programs.
  • Medical equipment – Some FMLA patients (if they are injured or just gave birth) may need equipment for their home or workplace. There are free medical equipment loan closets that can help.
  • New parents – Many FMLA cases are for parental leave or pregnancies. Or they can help pregnant women as well. They too can apply for financial help from the resources listed above and below.
  • Other support while on FMLA – There are many other resources out there for anyone on short term medical leave. It can be free food or prescription medications, transportation to a doctor office, bus passes, and much more. Find free grants and stuff for any struggling family, whether on FMLA or not.

Loans for paying bills while on FMLA

Since the vast majority of FMLA cases (if not all) are for short term, a loan may be an option for paying bills. The cash can help with various costs, ranging from rent to a mortgage payment, credit card or medical bill or something else. Find some of the ways to borrow money while on FMLA, regardless of the borrower’s credit score.

  • Interest free loans – This includes everything from loans from non-profits to short term advances on a credit card. Generally if the borrower has decent credit, and needs very short term cash for a few bills, this may be an option. Find sources of loans that are interest free.





  • FMLA borrowers with poor credit scores – Anyone who is on family leave (FMLA), and who has trouble borrowing money, can look into loans for borrowers with poor credit. They tend to offered at a higher interest rate, but the cash can still help pay short term expenses.
  • Short term disability loans – These too can be used by anyone on Family Leave – FMLA. The money, which often comes at an affordable interest rate, is effective for paying bills in a crisis.

As the list above indicates, anyone on FMLA has many different options available to them to get financial help. Whether it is a new mom or dad out on leave after having a new baby, or someone who was injured at work, FMLA is a safety net program to ensure the family still has some money coming in the door. Combine that government benefit, with the financial aid and programs listed above, and it is possible to keep up with paying your bills.


By Jon McNamara

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