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Some examples of successful work from home jobs can help with bills and pay off debt.

For many years now, a so called "work from home" job that paid anywhere from $9 to $20 per hour has been little more than a wild dream. But that may no longer be true anymore. There are examples of people finding a position as well as companies looking for staff. Even in this somewhat challenging economy, many corporations are actually "recruiting" work-at-home employees.

A big reason for this growing trend is that most of these employees are not getting benefits, (so no insurance coverage for their medical bills), they do not require expensive office space (so no high rent), and these employees will usually come with their own equipment like computers, phones, and printers. It also gives the employer more flexibility in that they can quickly cut back on staffing or hours of the employee. So employers have more ability to cut back on expenses if/when needed.

Examples of stories from at home workers as well as employers

Take Lori Lincoln as an example. The home is both where Lincoln's family is located and it is also where her office is. The commute for this mother of two is literally just up the stairway, and then she goes around the corner to get to her in home office. Talk about convenient!

Lori is in a work from job that comes with starting pay of $9 to $14 per hour, which goes a long way towards paying her bills on a monthly basis. The position she has involves her answering phones for about 20 hours a week for a company that offers seminars to business professionals. Her role is called a "call center professional."

What she does is she tells them the hours that she is available to work from home during certain days of the week, and then from that, they will go ahead and provide her schedule for that week, Lincoln said. So the ability to work from home is very flexible. Both Lori as well as the employer can staff up or down as needed to meet the demands of the business.

Pam Hill is another that also works from home. Her office colleagues are the family cat and the family bird. Pam is a coach for a large team of other at-home workers, and this is a position that pays her about $20 an hour and more. Her official job title is "customer care coach."




As part of her role, she will get paid for her breaks. Not only that, she is provided a lunch break and she is also allowed the personal time she needs for appointments and such. Whenever she wants, she can walk away from the job as well and that too is really nice, said Hill.

There are just two people that have had success in this industry. But there are tens of thousands of stories similar to their. Both of these women are part of an at-home work network that was sewn together by Alpine Access.

SYKES (formerly known as Alpine Access) is what is called a virtual call center. This means that all of their customer service representatives work from their home and they receive inbound calls from clients as well as customers. This is according to Remi Weber, who is the recruitment manager for Alpine Access.

This work from home company is currently looking to hire from 200 to 300 people per year, and this will often be the number of positions being filled at any one time. Note the volume of hires may change (either increase or decrease) as time goes on. Applicants can apply on-line at

However, SYKES/Alpine Access is not the only work from home agency that is looking for employees. There are many other good opportunities for work at home employment.

In addition, many people are having success with online survey companies. There are stories of people making a decent income doing that as well. But there are other opportunities, such as writing online articles as there is an ongoing need for unique website content.

Mary Susan Costa is a work-at-home agent for another company that is called Working Solutions. She provides other data entry agents and call center agents to companies looking to hire for work at home opportunities.

That particular company will often have medical based projects as well as a number of technical support projects. They also have some some data entry projects that involve either keying information into a personal computer or validating information over the Internet. Costa said many people that work for the organization need the extra income to help pay debts and bills.

What is the starting pay for someone new to this field?

The work from home employees generally earn between nine and $12 an hour, Costa said. There is no commute, and there is not a requirement that employees need to dress up, have your clothes dry cleaned, or go out to lunch, so since employees do not have these expenses, they save money on those bills. There are multiple companies that hire workers, and SYKES is but one. One place to apply at for multiple roles is below. You can apply online at





Finally, as the last example, there is Laura Hoffer, who also works at home to get help on bills and make a few extra dollars. She schedules home repairs. What she does is sets repair service and telephone calls for people when their appliances break down, said Hoffer.

She is also a work-at-home expert who runs a blog called "The Work from Home Mother," which you can find at, So she even brings in some extra income from that position as well. Many home workers will in fact have multiple jobs. She has heard stores from many people using her website.

The blog and the jobs listed on the blog do not carry any fees in order to apply. Hoffer says that the lack of fees is your first clue if any "work-at-home" offer is legit.  You should not have to pay for any position that you apply for, she said. Usually if a job offer requires you to pay a fee up front, it is not a legitimate work from home job offer.

Hoffer says you can and need to check sites like, and for “work-at-home” as well. Or search a consolidator, such as But she also warns that they will often unwittingly post the jobs that aren't legitimate as well, so when using those resources, but extra careful on the positions that show up.

By Jon McNamara

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