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Blink Health prescription medication discounts.

Consumers can save as much as 95% of the cost of their prescription medications using a free service from Blink Health. The company (find how to get free Blink discount below) provides these significant savings to patients of all income levels using a few different approaches. The medical company is involved in negotiations with drug companies, technology that searches for the lowest price available for the medication, partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, and bulk purchasing power.

While there may be some name brand drugs that a patient can obtain, most of the savings are for generic medications. Blink Health can provide discounts on almost 20,000 medications, with that number continuing to increase month in an out. There are tens of pharmaceutical companies that are also partners of the company, including Eli Lilly, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, and many others. Some of the medications in which discounts can be had include Lantus, Lipitor, Synthroid, Nexium, Advair Diskus, Tamiflu, Zocor, insulin, but thousands of others are available as well.

Some people, in particular; seniors, are familiar with “donut holes” when buying a medication. Other individuals, such as people with health insurance, may be wary of deductible. One of the many advantages to Blink is that are are no “donut holes”, maximum amount of coverage provided, or deductibles. There are no limits into how much someone can save or how many times they can use the app.

There are also tens of millions of Americans that use their program on a regular basis, and these individuals are saving money each and every month. The plan can help out individuals who lack health insurance and it can assist people that have a co-pay when they pay for their medications. Blink Health can also pass discounts on to consumers with limited or poor health insurance plans as well. The bottom line is anyone can use their free service.

How to save money using Blink Health

The company offers an “app” for a phone, tablet, or even a computer. It is free to download as well as use. There will never be any cost to the patient. The applications is innovative in that it searches a number of resources (such as the internet, PBM pricing logs, websites, and more) to determine the lowest price that the medication is offered, no matter what pharmacy, state, or store. So it is an app that helps the consumer find the lowest price available, with some saving as great as 95% off the retail price.




Based on the details entered by the patient (such as the medication prescribed by the doctor, dosage, etc.) the tool from Blink Health will locate the lowest price medication. The consumer can then decide to buy it on their phone or tablet. So they do not even need to be at the pharmacy when they make that purchase. This provides more flexibility to the customer.

However the shopper will still need to pick up the medication. So the last step of the process is to go to the pharmacy. This program from Blink is accepted at almost all the major pharmacy locations, including Target, Walmart, CVS, Safeway, Kroger, Rite Aid, Walgreens, publix, and many others. Once the card has been presented at the pick up window, the patient is given the medication they purchased using the application on their phone/tablet. The copay due at the time of pick up will be $0 dollars.

So the technology serves as a comparison tool. In most cases, the Blink application will find a lower price. But even there is no cheaper price found, there is no harm in trying. As once again, the program is free to download to a phone and it is free to use. So the customer has no risk in trying.

Blink Health also covers families that are on government benefits, such as Medicare Part D or Medicaid. They are still entitled to any discount that the app discovers. This means that if a needed prescription medication, whether it is for a heart condition, insulin, or something else, is cheaper using the app that those savings are still given to the shopper.





The uninsured, who often struggle maybe more than others to buy a prescription drug, can also save a substantial amount of money using the Blink app, which is available both on Android and Ios. Many generic drugs can be bought for 90% less than the retail price. When the patient has no medical insurance available to them, those savings can often make a difference between life and death (between having the prescription or not).

For more information on potential savings, or questions on the application, call the Blink Health patient line at 1 (844) 366 – 2211.

By Jon McNamara

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